Privacy Policy

Updated 30/03/2021

I am a registered sole trader operating as Rachel and the Pen. I am dedicated to protecting your personal data in accordance with the GDPR and as such will never lease, sell, or in any other way share your personal information with any third party members unless it is with your express written permission or I am required to do so by law. If at any time you wish modify or remove your data, contact me at and I will action your request as soon as possible.


Read the following policy to see how data is used.


What data do I collect?


When you contact me regarding an editing project, I collect the following information:

  • Your email address

  • Your name

  • Details of your project


Why do I collect this data and what is it used for?


  • To contact you regarding your query and for continued contact should we agree to work together

  • For internal accounts and invoicing to ensure my compliance with HMRC should it request an audit

  • For testimonials should you agree to provide one


How is your data collected and stored?


  • Via Wix: Wix is my website host and is where the majority of the minimal data I collect is acquired.

  • Via Gmail: Gmail is the secure email server I use to contact all my clients. Email addresses are stored securely on Gmail. No external address books are kept.

  • Via PayPal: I use PayPal to process payments because of its strict data security policy.

  • Via Wave: I use a password-protected Wave account for all my accounting and invoicing.

  • Via OneDrive: OneDrive is the password-protected cloud storage system where I store editing projects. I may keep a copy of your manuscript on there for up to a year. However, you can request that I delete your files before then by contacting me via email.


In accordance with HMRC regulations, I keep a copy of the minimal data you consent to sharing with me for a minimum of five years unless you specifically request otherwise.




The only way cookies are used on my website is to track traffic via Google Analytics so I can see how people interact with my content to ensure the best user experience. Click here to see full cookie policy.

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