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Rachel Wollaston

I was born and raised in Gloucestershire, UK, surrounded by the lush, rolling landscape of the Cotswolds. I have always been a dreamer, drawn to all things fantastical and mystic, and my desire for escapism is what fuels my artistic endeavours.


I have always been fascinated by the English language and its complexity; my ambition to understand all the intricate ins-and-outs of grammar and syntax has led to me becoming a self-confessed word-nerd (and a pain in the backside to family members!). Whether it's simplifying sentences or coordinating commas, I've got you covered.


Aside from writing, I have also carried lifelong interests in art and the theatre. If you are interested in working with someone who is passionate about storytelling in all its forms, this is the place for you!

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Contact Email:  rachel.and.the.pen@gmail.com